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HomeVestors® is the #1 buyer of houses in the U.S. Contact us to sell your San Antonio house and see why we are number one.


I'm sure you've noticed our advertisements flash our popular registered slogan, "We Buy Ugly Houses", the truth is that we buy and sell all various kinds of houses. Several of these houses are "ugly" because they are needing some type of repair. Some of the other older homes are mainly in need of being updated. Some of these older homes basically will not appeal to young families without some substantial renovations. The best part is you do not have to be the one making the updates. Sell your house in San Antonio to us just as it is. We don't mind if is a single-family house, vacation house, duplex or multi-family home. If you want to sell a San Antonio house then give us a call.


Maybe you are trying to save yourself some time. If that's the case then you should try leaving it up to us to sell a San Antonio house. Listing your home with a realtor can take months waiting for offers. With HomeVestors®, you will be given a prompt and fair offer and usually a quick closing. Hold on, there is more, you will also not have to pay any realtor fees if you sell your house to a HomeVestor franchisee professional!


We buy houses in all of the San Antonio, Texas area communities including Beacon Hill, Anaqua Springs, China Grove and more!


We understand and realize area homeowners may not essentially want to sell a San Antonio house they own, but sometimes have to due to unforeseen situations. Situations may arise such as medical issues, a divorce or the loss of a job and you need to sell your house quickly. The HomeVestors® professionals in the San Antonio area are educated based on our System that has bought and sold over 60,000 houses to do precisely that.


Being a San Antonio homeowner, I know how hard it is to sell my house quickly. I had to sell my house in San Antonio in a short amount of time and didn't know how I would be able to. I finally come to realize I had to "sell my house today!" That's when I learned about HomeVestors® and what they could do for me. Once I contacted them, they were able to buy my house in San Antonio instantly. It not only saved me time and money, but it relieved all my stress. If you decide to sell your house to HomeVestors®, you will be able to undergo the same quick quality service I did.


There is a reason so many people turn to us when it comes time to sell their homes. It is because we are the #1 buyer of houses in the nation. We have the capability to pay cash for your house and complete the sale in a professional manner based on your time frame. To get started, all you need to do is fill out the online form. One of our San Antonio area franchisees will contact you shortly.


Maybe you are looking to buy a home in San Antonio or searching for a start-up house to purchase, HomeVestors® should be your first call. We are the "We Buy Ugly Homes®" company, but our houses are stunning when we sell them. If you want to buy a home or investment property in Texas, then come to us first as our homes are priced reasonable and ready-to-sell.